Early Warning Signs for Mental Illness

Unlike other diseases, the symptoms of mental illnesses are not so evident. It is hard to differentiate between bad mood, stress, and something serious. In many cases, a mental problem presents as a combination of various symptoms with significant personality changes over a period. Here are some of the most prevalent symptoms. If you see a combination of several of these signs, consider taking the patient to a mental health practitioner.

Bouts of Anxiety of Worry

Every one of us gets anxious or stressed from time to time. However, if anxiety is interfering with your daily routines and happening regularly, it could be a sign of a mental issue. Some of the symptoms of problematic anxiety include headache, heart palpitations, diarrhea, restlessness, headache, a racing mind, and constant headaches.

Depression and Withdrawal

Depression is a silent killer that most people only recognize when it is too late. If a friend or relative has started losing interest in activities he or she once loved, seem to be sad all the time and is quite irritable even with the slightest provocation, he or she may be depressed. Depression also causes a lack of motivation and energy in handling responsibilities. Besides, such people may withdraw from friends and family and want to spend time worrying alone.

Problems Sleeping

We are supposed to have a night’s sleep of between seven and nine hours. Besides, your body should be tired and sleepy after a day’s work. However, if you or a friend is having problems sleeping, there could be an underlying issue such as anxiety, mental illness, substance abuse, or sleep disorders. On the other hand, if you are sleeping too much, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder or depression.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Another sign of a slow decline into mental problems is alcohol and substance abuse. Most people may start getting stressed and take a few drinks. With time, they may move to hard drugs to maintain the feeling. In the end, such people may have taken a concoction of drugs to the point that they need rehabilitation. Therefore, if you find a relative slowly slipping into drugs, advise them to get medical assistance.

Having Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide attempts are one of the most common signs of mental illness. If a relative has attempted to take his or her life, or you feel like hurting yourself, you should get emergency assistance as soon as possible. Unfortunately, suicidal thoughts do not resolve on their own. Even if the problem subsides, it might come back at a later date. Therefore, assistance should be sought immediately.

Get Mental Health Assistance as Soon as Possible

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Mental illnesses deteriorate with time, although the speed of deterioration differs from one person to another. Besides, some of the symptoms discussed above may lead to death, injury, loss of a job, and breakups in relationships. With the help of cognitive behavioral therapy and other services in Westport, CT, patients can recover and continue with their lives. Remember, mental illness does not go away on its own; medical assistance is required.


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