Activities Vaccinated Older Adults Can Do amid the Pandemic

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With nearly 80 percent of older adults aged 65 and above fully vaccinated, we can safely say that many of them are protected from a severe case of the virus. They have better protection against the virus compared to other people who have yet to receive the vaccine. This comes as the Delta variant has become the dominant variant in the country. The variant, which was first identified in India, is more transmissible compared to the earlier variants of the virus.

The vaccine can provide reasonable protection against all variants of the virus. This means older adults can perform more activities than before due to the protection that they have. But they have to make sure to allow 14 days to pass after they receive the full dose of the vaccine before they go back to their regular activities.

The following are some of the things older adults can do after receiving the full dose of the vaccine.

Go Outside

When the pandemic started, the authorities asked older adults to stay home so that they can avoid contracting the virus. They faced a higher risk of contracting severe cases of the disease due to their age and weaker immune system. But the vaccine reduces the risk of contracting the virus.

With this, older adults can start enjoying the outdoors once again. They can take care of their garden or even take a walk around the neighborhood. They can also explore a nearby park. Spending time outside the house can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It also provides them with a good dose of vitamin D.

But they still have to take the necessary precautions, especially with the more transmissible Delta variant of the virus out in the wild. They should also have someone with them, especially if they have mobility issues.

Exercise Every Day

At the height of the pandemic, it was not easy for older adults to exercise. Since they had to stay inside their homes, they had limited options for physical activities. They had to avoid mingling with other people, especially at their condition.

The arrival of the vaccines allowed them to do the things they used to do before the pandemic started. They can go out for a walk and, if possible, jog around the neighborhood. People who live in senior care homes can ask the health aide at the facility to help them join these types of activities.

But they should also take avoid overexerting themselves. They should consult their doctor before they start any physical activity. While they may have protection against the virus, their old age will prevent them from performing strenuous exercises. Their doctor can provide them with a list of exercises they can perform even outside the home.

people hanging out

Connect with Family and Friends

The pandemic prevented grandparents from hugging their grandchildren to avoid getting infected. When the grandchildren visited their grandparents, they had to stay at least six feet away. The vaccines available in the country are extremely effective in reducing instances of severe cases of the disease, including hospitalization and death. Due to this, older adults can connect with their family and friends.

This means the grandparents can now visit their grandchildren and hug them. They can finally reunite with their family after over a year. Older adults can also meet up with their friends since the risk of contracting the disease has gone down. Moreover, they have better protection against severe cases of the disease.

Visit the Doctor and Dentist

Since they can go outside due to the protection the vaccine provides, older adults can set appointments with their doctor or dentist. This is particularly true for people who do not live in assisted living facilities. Visiting their doctors allows them to go through a full checkup, which they may not have received at the height of the pandemic.

While they may have taken advantage of telemedicine services, a visit to the doctor or dentist is different. It allows healthcare professionals to conduct tests that they couldn’t do online. It also allows them to provide a better diagnosis in case the older adult is experiencing some health issues.

Things to Consider

Even though the vaccines offer protection from the virus, there’s still a risk of catching the virus. Due to this, older adults should still steer clear of crowded areas and wear a mask when they go out. They should still follow other health protocols, like regularly washing their hands until everything goes back to normal.

The vaccine has given older adults a semblance of a normal life, but they still have to take care of themselves to avoid catching the newer variants of the virus.


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