Home Improvement Project: Bathroom Renovation Tips to Take Note Of

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Bathroom renovations are effective in increasing your home’s resale value. In fact, it’s been reported that a mid-range renovation on your bathroom can recoup up to 67.2% of the renovation expenses when you sell your house. Moreover, even if you have no current plans of selling your property, you can benefit from the increased comfort, updated style, and enhanced aesthetics of an improved bathroom.

Below, we have compiled some helpful tips to guide you in your bathroom renovation:

Do a full inspection

Inspect your bathroom thoroughly to see which items and areas need improvement or repair. For instance, is the water heater working well? Is ventilation sufficient? Check the pipes for leaks and dents. You should also see if the floor drain strainer needs to be replaced. Over time, your floor drain strainer can accumulate small particles and hair strands, especially if it’s positioned in the shower area. Moreover, check for cracks in the floor and wall tiles, window, and the sink. List down all the repairs needed so you can plan accordingly.

Choose affordable and low maintenance materials

Ensuring quality aesthetics is important, but your materials should not break the bank. Set a budget for your home improvement project and adhere to it. As for the pricey materials, you can swap them with less expensive substitutes that look similar. For example, quartz works just as well as marble, but is less costly and can be maintained easily.

Place space-saving furniture

A crowded room can look chaotic and disorganized. In comparison, a spacious area looks posh, classy, and more calming. If you want to add space to your bathroom, ditch bulky pieces and decorative accents, such as your wall-to-wall cabinet and plant holders. Instead, opt for a floating vanity or build a countertop. You can also replace the floor plant holders with ones that can be hung. Moreover, you can add extra storage by installing small geometric boxes as separate wall shelves.

Install energy-efficient devices

It may be time to update your water heating system. Tankless water heaters are reported to consume significantly less energy than their average counterparts. Moreover, you can have low-flow faucets installed so you can save on your water bills. Insulated windows also help you cut down on heating costs, especially during the cooler seasons.

As for the lighting, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends shifting to LED lights, as they use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. On top of their energy-saving capacity, LED lights also deliver an appealing element that gives your bathroom a sophisticated and high-end vibe.

Play with a variety of textures

applying bathroom tiles

While it’s best to keep your color palette neutral and harmonious, you can be wild with textures. Consider using textured tiles with pleasing patterns for your flooring. These not only serve as a visually appealing element but also provide extra grouting that keeps you from slipping when the floor gets wet. Moreover, you can hang a textured artwork on your wall, or add some pretty pebbles and crystals near your bathtub or on your countertop for décor. You can also incorporate decorative soaps and textured bottles or dispensers for bath and skincare products.

To make sure that the results will be top-notch and hard-wearing, it’s advised that you hire the services of a qualified renovation contractor and buy materials from a reputable supplier. Do some research online or ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations.


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