Renting or Selling Your Home? 4 Strategies to Get It Off the Listing Fast

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According to industry estimates, a home up for sale usually stays in the list for at least 30 days. The longer it remains there, the less likely it gets sold. It can leave you with no other choice than to lower your price.

How can you get it off the property listing ASAP? Consider these four strategies:

1. Invest in Video Production

Reason: YouTube. It turns out more people are looking for homes for rent or sale in this uber-popular video platform.

According to Google Trends data, the interest over time grew from 32 during the first week of December 2019 to almost 97 in June 2020. To put this into perspective, a score higher than 50 means many people are searching for the keyword.

For “houses for rent,” the number dipped to 38 during the first few days of August, but Google Trends believes it will climb to at least 95 before the month ends.

Although you can shot your space using a high-quality phone, working with a professional video production company is a better idea. Remember, you’re not just selling a house – you’re offering a dream or a vision. What better way to capture that than to create a captivating story that’s clear and gorgeous on the screen.

2. Take a Panoramic Shot of the Neighborhood

For many buyers, even millennials, location is everything. They want to be near public amenities, such as shopping centers, groceries, schools, and healthcare facilities. Others want an accessible public transport.

For the money-conscious individuals, they can even consider the effect of the property’s address on their real estate taxes. Meanwhile, some want to live in a safe neighborhood.

How can you showcase your location? One of the best ways is through a panoramic shot using a drone. Depending on the flying rules of your city or state, you can create a video of the sweeping views of the surrounding areas.

For this tech, you can either rent or buy it (it can make a good investment too). You can also ask your video production company if it offers such a service.

3. Spruce Up the Yard

Curb appeal can increase your property’s value by as much as 10%. But if you can focus one or two projects, start with the yard.

One, millennials are looking for outdoor spaces for their children and pets. About 32% of them own cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals, making them the generation with the most number of pets.

Second, more Americans are becoming health-conscious, and a yard can help them achieve better physical and mental health. Gardening, for instance, burns a lot of calories. It also attracts them to spend time outdoors, while plants can boost a person’s mood.

To spruce up the yard, consider the following ideas:

  • Add a deck, preferably wood.
  • Create a patio or build an outdoor kitchen to sell indoor-to-outdoor living.
  • Plant trees and flowers according to hardness zones. Pick those that are also easy to maintain.

4. Update the Door’s Paint

Wooden front door of a home.

What if you don’t have much money to improve the appearance of your home? If you are cash strapped and you can only do one task, it might be best to spend it to update the color of your door.

Doing this alone could already boost your home value by $6,000, especially if you choose black. That’s already an impressive return considering that a typical paint job for the exterior or main entrance door is less than $500.

Combined with a high-caliber real estate agency and persistence, these ideas will help sell your property in record time.


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