Sweet Slumber: Making the Most of a Tiny Bedroom

A compact bedroom may feel a little bit claustrophobic, but there are style strategies you can adapt to make what you have work. A creative layout may not increase your sleeping space’s width, but it will certainly allow you to trick the eyes into adding more length and making it look a lot more spacious.

Small bedrooms may not be ideal if you’re dreaming of getting a king size bed, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find anything in a mattress store in Provo that would fit the square footage you have. In addition, you may find it surprising what the experts say about getting a good night’s sleep in a smaller bedroom.

According to several studies, the fewer items you have in your bedroom means you’ll have less stimulating activities that will keep you from going to bed early. Usual bedroom pieces like a TV, a desktop or laptop computer, or even a personal fridge may affect your sleeping patterns if you have easy access on them.

From your selection of furniture pieces to how you arrange each neatly on the floors and your walls, all these will have a tremendous effect on the overall feel of your bedroom. Here are some smart designer hacks you should consider:

Choose a neutral palette for the overall look

If you have a limited amount of space to work with, experts suggest choosing a neutral palette as your base color. Make everything look tied up by sticking to a subdued, natural color for the overall look. For example, pick any shade of white for your bed sheet, a neutral-toned linen duvet with minimal prints, and pillows in warm tones for that layered look that would still look elegant without the presence of bold colors. Colors that are too striking can make your bedroom feel cluttered and overdone.

Tuck your bed up against the corner wall

Tiny bedroom with small bed in the corner

It’s easy to just put your bed right in the middle to mimic those designs that you’ll often see in magazines. But, these styles are mostly designed with much bigger bedrooms in mind. If you have narrow floor space, this trick won’t work. Instead, push your bed against the wall to free up more space and make the room a lot cozier and more suitable for relaxation.

Put mirrors on your closet doors

This is another style strategy that will trick the eyes into thinking you have more available space. Get mirrored closet doors for added depth in your compact bedroom. These aren’t just stylish, but they’re also multi-functional as well. You’ll be able to check how you look before you step outside and you’ll also enjoy a brighter-looking bedroom. Even without the floor space for a mirror stand, sticking one or two on your closet doors will give you the same effect.

Lastly, forget about getting a bulky bed frame. You can get a simple, modern headboard to avoid that dorm-like look without wasting unnecessary space but still getting the same comfy vibe. Hang a nice piece of art or a blown-up photograph above the bed to complete your bedroom design.


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