The Many Tastes of Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

One of the wisest popular sayings of our time is also one of the simplest: Food is universal. In this multicultural age of globalization and diversity, it comes as no surprise that some kinds of food have been able to transcend borders and unite people like few other things. One of these, of course, is fried chicken.

No doubt aided by the rise of gigantic fast food chains, fried chicken has now found its way to every country, from Brazil to Singapore and from Russia to South Africa. In fact, many countries have even created their own variations of fried chicken, using different sauces, herbs, and breadings to add a unique taste. This has only contributed to the popularity of fried chicken, with people never tiring of this beloved staple.

Here are some of the best twists on this classic dish:

Southern fried chicken

For fried chicken purists, it does not get any better than the original. While there are several variations of southern fried chicken in itself, the basics remain the same: using a flour breading and frying it in a pan to produce that distinctive crispy outside. Some may prefer to add in eggs or buttermilk in the breading for additional flavor and crispiness, as well as some special herbs and spices. Best served with gravy, this is also typically the best way to introduce a person to the world of fried chicken.

Buffalo wings

Another fried chicken classic, Buffalo wings are known for their spice levels that can turn into challenges (sometimes with hilarious results), their signature goopy sauce that give a unique flavor, and the mess that one encounters when eating them. A staple in restaurant bars and diners all over the world, anyone can probably associate Buffalo wings with the good times and good company they had while sharing a serving. This has made Buffalo wings one of the most beloved dishes in America and the world.

Korean fried chicken

Similar to Buffalo wings but without the dipping sauce, Korean fried chicken from many food chains, including Korean fast food chains, was a staple in its native country before making its way to America and around the world. It is distinct for being fried multiple times, with spices and sauces being seasoned in before they are first put into the fryer to avoid the mess. Then, they are fried again and again to create a uniquely crispy outside that will have anyone savoring every bite.

Popcorn chicken

Perfect for those who enjoy fried chicken but don’t necessarily like the mess that comes along with it, popcorn chicken is proof that the joys of fried chicken cannot be limited by size. A popular street dish in Taiwan, popcorn chicken earned its name as it comes in small bites similar in size to its namesake. Marinated and seasoned with different flavors before being chopped up, popcorn chicken is great to enjoy on the go, or sit down at bubble tea houses as they were originally meant to be.

Shrimp paste fried chicken

Shrimp paste chicken

Though its main ingredients — namely, oyster and shrimp paste — may sound unappealing and like the furthest thing you would associate with fried chicken, this dish is among the most popular finds in Singapore’ famous hawker street markets. Although many may get turned off by the foul odor that the shrimp paste produces as it is being cooked, when you take your first bite, the wait will truly be worth it as you revel in the unique and heavenly taste of this unique twist on fried chicken


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