Saddled With Responsibility: A Guide to Proper Tack Maintenance

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Equestrianism can be quite fulfilling to those who are part of its community. The thrill and challenge of taming a horse are enjoyable to some, while others cherish the bond that they create with their horse.

It’s not all about the horse, though. Behind the scenes, equestrians also need to pay attention to their equipment and maintain it properly. If taken care of, their equipment can serve them for decades and keep any untoward accidents from happening.

To guide any novice equestrians out there, here are a few tips for proper equipment maintenance.

Keep Your Tack Room Clean

Your tack room is essential for equipment storage, especially for leather. Keep it dry and tidy to prevent mold and mildew from developing and damaging your equipment. Regularly inspect it for any pests or animal droppings and immediately clean it up if there are any.

It is also important to organize your tack room. Segregate tools based on their use and store them in boxes to easily spot them when needed. Fold and pile up horse blankets in one corner so that they don’t attract dust or become a home for any unwanted vermin.

Take Care of Leatherware

Leather can stay strong and sturdy for years, provided that you take care of it properly. When cleaning your headstalls and saddles, make sure to use tools and chemicals that are leather safe to prevent equipment damage. When cleaning, pay attention to the nooks and crannies.

A little cleanliness habit can also go a long way. After using your equipment, wipe it down to remove the dirt and sweat that accumulated during use. You can also use this as a chance to inspect it for any damages or areas that need repairing.

Disinfect Your Equipment Frequently


Your saddle pads, blankets, and grooming tools come into contact the most with your horses. If they haven’t been bathed recently, dirt and germs can accumulate. Make sure to disinfect your tools regularly to not only keep them clean but also to make sure that they keep doing their job.

Use a vacuum to remove the hair stuck in between blanket fibers and tool bristles. If you used soap in cleaning your equipment, make sure that it is rinsed thoroughly to prevent irritating your horses. Afterward, leave them out to air dry in the sun to make sure it dries properly.

Deep Clean Occasionally

About every six months, try to deep clean your tack room and equipment. Make sure to remove any dust or pests that are in the nooks and crannies of untouched equipment. Reorganize and store them better. Place blankets and tools in separate labeled containers.

This is also a chance to look at your stored equipment. Take out those tools that you don’t use anymore. Consider selling or donating them instead of leaving them unused inside your tack room. It helps with decluttering your room and making it easier to clean in the future.

Proper equipment maintenance can seem like a chore, but it is essential in prolonging your tack life. If you patiently build a habit of cleaning them regularly, you will end up with equipment that is durable, reliable, and less likely to cause accidents.


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