Best Care Tips After a Cosmetic Surgery

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According to data published by, the top surgical cosmetic procedures back in 2017 were breast augmentation, liposuction, and eyelid surgeries taking the first, second, and third places, respectively. Fast forward to 2019 and these top three procedures included nose reshaping and facelift in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

Additional data show that the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and India were the countries with the largest overall number of cosmetic procedures done in 2018. Meanwhile, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Australia, and Thailand took the sixth to tenth places.

The huge popularity of surgical cosmetic surgery procedures not only benefits clinics across these countries but also those training institutions that offer skills used in plastic surgeries. Courses such as PDO thread training (which deals with suturing techniques for various cosmetic treatments) are in demand these days, owing to the great number of people who want to enter the cosmetic surgery industry.

Meanwhile, if you have just undergone a surgical cosmetic procedure and are currently in the recovery period, there are care tips that you have to follow. Here are five post-surgery maintenance and care that you must keep in mind for a quick and safe recovery:

Eat healthy food.

Among the most recommended post-surgery care tips is a healthy food intake. In general, stay away from food that has high sugar and dairy content, as well as refined grains since these food options can cause pain, inflammation, and swelling. The best food for post-surgery includes whole grains, lean protein, and vegetables and fruits, among others.

Use skin-friendly products.

Following cosmetic surgery, your skin is at its most delicate so it has to receive utmost care from your end. Without proper care, you run the risk of undoing whatever benefits the procedure is supposed to offer, plus the possibility of suffering from damaging skin effects caused by improper care. While recovering, be sure to use only hypoallergenic products such as non-fragrant moisturizers and non-soap skin cleansers. These skin-friendly products will help clean your skin daily but without the unnecessary risk of causing harm to it at a time when the skin is most vulnerable.

Maintain a tobacco- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Tobacco and alcohol have been proven to negatively affect one’s health and skin conditions, which is why following cosmetic surgery, you should stay away from them. Smoking is known to cause premature aging while drinking alcohol is proven to extra calories that could negatively affect body sculpting procedures such as rhinoplasty and liposuction.

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Avoid direct sun exposure.

As you’re completing the recovery phase, it’s hard not to go out of the house to buy something or get a breath of fresh air. However, as tempting as the prospect of enjoying the warm sun may be, it can be harmful to your skin at such a critical moment. With this, be sure to apply sun protection cream (one with an SPF 30 or SPF 40 label on it) or wear a wide-brimmed hat whenever you’re about to go out during the day. These skincare products and techniques will help your skin heal quicker and prevent untoward damages whenever you step outside of your home.

Allow your skin to fully heal.

One of the common results of undergoing surgeries (or getting wounded) is scabbing, during which there is natural itching. This itch usually signals that the healing process of the wound is almost over. However, a great many people can’t help but scratch the itch during this critical phase. Unless you want to get scars or get infected, you have to fight off this feeling and just let your wound fully heal.

By following these post-surgery care and maintenance tips, you should enjoy a safe and quick recovery period so you can reap the benefits of the procedure.


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