Creative Projects: Strategies to Improve Your Skills in Sketching and Digital Art

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Artists and creative thinkers, especially those in the field of digital arts are gaining attention, thanks to mainstream media. Even ordinary people became more aware of their ability to showcase different forms of arts and aesthetics. Graphic designing and photography have increased in popularity as people of all ages want to expand their creativity by enrolling in webinars and art schools.

It may be hard to take risks when it comes to creativity, but taking risks helps produce the most innovative ideas. Remember that even professional digital artists learn so much by constantly pushing themselves and developing their skills. But improving digital art skills is not just about owning the most advanced drawing tablet or the latest photo editing software, it is all about refining and refreshing those art skills to create the most brilliant projects, whatever the medium.

Whether you’re a graphic designer or a sketch artist, enhancing your art skills is a great way to release those creative juices. Here are some ways to become a better sketch and digital artist.

Develop visual art projects

If you have tried making an animated corporate video in the past, chances are, you have encountered previous projects that challenged your creative constraints and time limitations. If you are having trouble thinking of what to photograph, draw, or create, challenge yourself every day to create something new. Instead of wallowing in activities that kill your creativity, look for activities to inspire your creative thinking skills.

For example, try looking for sources containing a list of creative prompts, such as online photography challenges. One example is the Photo a Day project or the 365 Project, where you have to take a photo every day for the entire year. This is a long-term project that provides opportunities to learn and explore photography. It also enhances post-production skills, which can help deal with a digital art project in a professional setting.

Another example is the social awareness project that lets you capture dramatic and heartfelt moments to stir viewers’ minds. This project is very popular in social media, where iconic photographers share their experiences when traveling abroad. Try this by spending the entire weekend shooting strangers on cities or local streets or collaborating with non-profit organizations to develop photojournalism and documentary skills.

Going on photo walks also boosts creativity and inspiration. Try shooting an entire set of imageries from a single perspective by capturing photos from a higher angle or a child’s point of view. The majority of shots we see today are often at eye level, so why do something unique? This is a perfect way to deviate from traditional photography projects.

Sketch regularly

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Whether you are using a stylus and tablet or paper and pen, sketching regularly is a great way to improve and maintain your drawing skills. Just because you have a talent for sketching doesn’t mean you have to stop practicing. As an artist, it is important to enrich your talent to have better platforms to experiment with. There may be times you mess up, but practicing regularly will help grow your skills. Basically, it is all about knowing how to get better and being brave enough to leave the comfort zone.

Regular sketching also helps produce ideas and concepts that you haven’t tried using other creative routes. To get started, try sketching random ideas while in a relaxed state. This way, it is easier to access parts of your imagination that allow you to draw unusual concepts. You can apply these ideas for finished illustrations.

You can also try figure drawing that involves creating a detailed representation of human form in different postures and shapes. In fact, this type of drawing is an essential skill for digital and sketch artists. The best strategy to understand the basics of figure drawing is to attend a life drawing class. You can also read books that discuss the practices and principles of human figure drawing and other systematic ways to enhance life drawing.

 Improve portrait skills

Whether real life or imagination, portraiture is another essential skill every sketch artist wants to master. Look for books with easy-to-follow methods that break down a subject’s face into extensive stages. These sources provide the basics of portrait sketching to make your drawings more lifelike.

But if you prefer creating portraits digitally, try making portrait art using online resources, such as Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Corel Painter. These programs help you experiment with other portrait techniques, such as using watercolors in creating figures.

Creating any form of digital art or sketch is like preparing for a big competition. You can be the most powerful victor only if you defeat your strongest competitor—yourself. To be a better fighter requires patience, commitment, and plenty of strategies. Take the plunge by believing in yourself and being honest with your weaknesses and strengths. Until then, good luck with your creative endeavors!


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