Waxing Your Bikini Line: Should You Use Warm Wax or Strip Wax?

Underarm waxing

Waxing is a common way of grooming body hair as it delivers a smoother result than shaving and lasts for a couple of weeks. It’s an especially ideal method of hair removal for bikini line. It can leave your skin smooth as porcelain when done right. And to do it right, you need to know which type of wax is better for which area of your body.

Two common types of waxing are the warm wax and the strip wax.

How Do Warm Wax and Strip Wax Differ?

Your Brazilian wax in a Salt Lake City salon may differ from a bikini waxing in Park City. That’s because different aestheticians will use different types of waxes and techniques when doing this grooming service. Waxing salons use different types of wax, including strip and warm wax. Each varies in sensation and delivers different results. Strip wax, for instance, falls under the soft wax category, but the warm wax is under the hard wax category.

  • Soft wax

This type of wax requires a strip of paper-like material to remove it from your skin. Your aesthetician will apply a thin layer of wax on your bikini area, following the direction of hair growth. The aesthetician, however, will quickly take off the wax in the opposite direction. Salons may either use a honey-based or cream-based wax.

  • Hard wax

Unlike soft wax, this option doesn’t require the use of strips for removal. Before applying it to your bikini area, your aesthetician will warm up the wax first. Hard wax can’t be used cold or at room temperature. Aestheticians apply this type of wax in a thicker layer compared to soft wax. Once it hardens, the aesthetician will remove the wax off the surface.

Hard wax is an ideal option for removing hair from your bikini area. It sticks to the hair unlike soft wax, which sticks to the top layer of the skin. This type of wax is also ideal if you have sensitive skin. Once you have determined what type of wax suits you, make sure to prepare your bikini are before your salon appointment.

Preparing for a Waxing Session


Proper preparation before your waxing appointment is crucial to make the process easier. Here are things you need to remember to help you you breze through the treatment:

  • Hair should be at least one-fourth inches long – waxing will be difficult if your hairs are too short because the wax won’t pick them up. Avoid shaving before you go to the salon to make sure your hair meets the required length.
  • Refrain from waxing three days before your period – your skin is extra sensitive during this period, so it’s best not to schedule an appointment a few days before your period begins.
  • Take a shower before going to the salon – although this is obvious, it is an important reminder. It helps you feel less conscious, and taking a warm shower right before the session makes the process less painful because your pores are open. But your skin has to be dry during the procedure, so the wax can attach to the surface effectively.

Waxing is a painful, yet satisfying way of grooming your body hair. But with the different options available in the market now, it pays to understand their differences. When in doubt, ask your aesthetician.


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