For New Mothers: Understanding Your Baby’s Needs

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Life as a new mom is challenging because your life now revolves around your little one. Impulse purchases are long gone and all the decisions you make should depend on the welfare of your baby. Everything has to be decided for their sake and for their future. You might have doubts on whether you can actually do this or not. And you can, and it’s normal to doubt yourself because you want to be the best mom to your baby. 

Gone are the hours of sound sleeping because you’ll be feeding several times in the middle of the night. Diaper changing, preparing meals, and looking after the household are now your priority. Making yourself look good is no longer a priority because the baby’s needs have to be met first. You will find yourself not minding this as long as your baby is well-fed and well-cared for. 

Primary Needs

Before giving birth, the baby’s primary needs have to be bought and prepared. These things are a crib, a stroller, feeding bottles, a hooded towel for infants, or a bath towel, clothing, and toys that are safe for infants. Everything must be prepared so that when the baby comes, it becomes convenient for you. You have to take note of your budget and avoid overspending as much as possible. Stick to the ones that are durable so that you won’t have to keep on buying should you decide to have another baby.

If you have an extra room in your house, you can use that room as a baby’s room. That way, you and your spouse still have privacy. All the baby’s needs will be in that room, and it will be convenient for you especially if you have to change their diapers or dress them after bath.


Eventually, your baby will be of age to go to school. You have to decide as early as now where to enroll them. If a private school is what you want, then you and your spouse need to save as early as now. You have to choose an institution that you know will provide your children with the best education. The school you choose must be close to where you live because you don’t want to be tardy every day. Be ready to provide this at home for your child as well because learning doesn’t stop at school.

Love and Care

All children deserve to be loved and cared for because all they know how to do is bring happiness to the household. They didn’t choose to be born, so show them love and care as any parent would. A child’s first seven years is crucial because it will determine their behavior and way of thinking as they grow up.

What you exhibit affects them mentally and emotionally, so be a fundamental part of it by nurturing them. Be their shoulder to cry on, their main support system, and their defender while maintaining the boundary between parent and child.

Patience, Patience, and Lots of Patience

Kids will make mistakes all the time, and they make you want to pull your hair out. This is completely normal as kids don’t have an idea of how the world works, and they’re just discovering things as they go. Be patient with your kids and try not to go off when they do something that you don’t like. They don’t know better and would learn better if being told gently instead of being yelled at. Be more understanding of their mistakes because that’s how they will learn. 

The first few years with your baby are always the hardest. Your schedule now revolves around them, and you can barely take care of yourself anymore. These are sacrifices that you have to make to ensure that your baby is given full attention. Carrying them for nine months, birthing them, and raising your kids to be responsible adults is not a walk in the park. It takes a village to raise a child, they say, and it rings true every time.

You are probably now aware of how challenging it is to be a new mom. You’ve heard it from your parents, you’ve heard it from friends, and you’ve heard it from here. You have to be ready emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially before you decide to have a baby. Also, it helps to sit down with your partner and talk about this to make sure that you are on the same page. You don’t want to jump into a decision where one is not on board with it. It will lead to disagreements and complications in the future.


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