Part-Time Jobs for Teens: How Important and Valuable They Are

part time jobs

Most adults today grew up having part-time jobs as kids and teenagers. Ask an adult how it helped them and they’ll tell you a lot of interesting life lessons and pains they acquired just by working 10 to 15 hours a week on top of schoolwork.

While some say that it can greatly affect a student’s academic performance, research says that teens who had part-time jobs are more mature and responsible compared to those who wasted their free time by being unproductive.

Whether you get part-time work with a group of dry cleaners in Fishers, Indiana or as a car wash attendant in Boise, Idaho or start an online business in the comfort of your own room, the benefits of holding down a part-time job far outweigh its disadvantages.

10 Benefits of Having a Part-Time Job as a Teenager

1. It teaches the importance of money management.
While having your allowance teaches you some practical lessons on budgeting, earning your own money teaches you the real value of money — that it does not come easily.

Once you truly understand how difficult it is to earn, you gain much healthier respect and attitude towards it. You then start to spend more wisely and make calculated decisions when it comes to your expenses.

2. It helps fund all the fun things teenagers do.
While saving and money management is important, don’t feel guilty about wanting to spend your hard-earned money on fun things young adults do. Treat yourself once in a while. You deserve it.

3. It teaches valuable life skills not taught in schools and universities.
Part-time work teaches young teens valuable hard and soft skills that educational institutions can but don’t teach.

4. It helps build and grow your network of opportunities and contacts.
Exposure to the workplace also exposes you to people from all walks of life. These people you encounter could lead to great life opportunities you would miss if you choose to spend your free time on Instagram or Twitter.

5. It helps contribute to your college fund.
Setting aside money from your wages can help your parents fund your tuition. If you have enough savings towards your college fund, you might even keep your student loans at a minimum.

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6. It builds discipline and instills a mindset of using free time productively.
Instead of being idle, students who have part-time jobs are building healthy habits that will keep them productive. These habits that spur them to work hard are especially useful for university life and beyond.

7. It makes the transition to adulthood easier.
Having a taste of what it’s like to be part of the workforce teaches young adults what it’s like to be a grown-up with a full set of responsibilities in the workplace. It also helps them become more responsible at home and in their own time. Adulting is made easier.

8. It teaches you to manage and balance your time.
The art of work-life balance is taught early for those teenagers who decide to take up part-time work. They are faced with the challenge of managing their time well between responsibilities at home, in school, and at work.

9. It opens your eyes to career possibilities and directions.
Holding down a part-time job can give you a feel of what you would like to do — or not do — for the rest of your life. Some teens discover what they want during this phase of their lives. And since they have the discipline and the right values as young as they are, making their goals a reality isn’t really far off.

10. It builds your confidence.
Having a part-time job somehow forces you to become more mature and responsible compared to other kids who are not as blessed. This leads to a healthy view — not arrogantly — of oneself and makes one confident enough to face whatever challenges life brings.

Working while studying might seem tough but it has a lot of advantages that can help make one do well in life. All the valuable lessons having a part-time job teaches sets you up for a life of success.


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