Making a Safe and Welcoming Home for Your Newborn

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They say you are never ready to have a child. While that might be the case, your house has to be absolutely safe and ready to welcome your baby. You have probably thought about the major baby stuff, but there are more ways to child-proof your home.

Here’s a checklist of what you need to do:

Check the cabinets

Having a baby crawling around and opening cabinets might seem a lifetime away. However, any parent will tell you that babies become mobile pretty much overnight. It’s a lot easier to prepare now than when the entire household is sleep-deprived later.

Gather all cleaning products (especially dishwasher and laundry capsules, liquids and powders) and medication, and store them out of sight and out of reach in locked cabinets. For the cabinets that are not out of children’s reach, use magnetic locks, as they do not pinch the fingers and are easy to install.

Smoothen the edges

Having a lovely modern house with sophisticated furniture made of metal and glass isn’t particularly baby-friendly. Anything that has sharp edges and/or is breakable should be removed. Instead of having sleek chairs and a glass coffee table in your living room, for example, get a lounge with ottoman. Or, wrap the edges with bubble wrap or corner guards to prevent any injuries.

Lock down

Cheerful smiling little sisters near stair gate at home Once your baby starts crawling, it won’t be long before she would pull herself up with anything close by. Secure any furniture that might tip and fall long before your little one starts moving.

Cover all electric sockets and get rid of any magnets lying around, even the ones on your refrigerator door, or at least, put them out of reach. Make sure that there are no dangling cords anywhere in your home, whether it’s for appliances or window blinds.

A somewhat embarrassing pro-tip: literally get on your child’s level and try crawling on the floor to see what dangerous things babies might reach for.

Stock up on food

You won’t have the luxury of time, let alone gourmet cooking, once your baby arrives. Buy or prepare quick freezer meals at least a month ahead of your expected due date. Collect gift cards and coupons for restaurants that you can use for delivery.

You also need to allocate refrigerator space for breast milk and formula. So, when you see your fridge nearing empty, give it a thorough cleaning. Work from top to bottom, taking everything out and throwing away expired or unidentifiable contents. Then, wipe the shelves down with a warm sponge and scrub the sticky spots with diluted white vinegar. Line the spill-prone zones with paper towels and change them often to keep the area clean.

It can seem like the work never ends when preparing for your baby. But preparing your home for a newborn does end. You need to accomplish these things at least a month before your baby is born, so your little bundle of joy can feel at home right away.


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