Landscape Design: Adding That Modern Twist That Still Reflects Your Style

beautiful landscape design of a home

It isn’t unusual for many homeowners to not prioritize their home’s exteriors and focus all their energy on their interiors. For that personal style statement, many people often work on their rooftops to make passersby admire their taste in design. But to truly show everyone something that reflects your personality, your landscape design is one area you should definitely not leave unattended. It’s the perfect avenue to show others what they can expect when they walk into your home.

If you want that modern twist in your home design, you may look at sleek materials and minimalist approach to achieve that look. However, without careful planning, all these may turn your space into a cold, uninviting area. Modern landscape design in Sandy and other locations focuses on creating organized spaces with materials that can create a friendly, inviting, and personalized environment.

Here are some great ideas for a modern home landscape that incorporates your personal style:

Go for that natural, loose planting approach

It’s common for many architects to opt for that stiff, organized lines of sculptural plans to get that contemporary landscape look and achieve a minimalist design on the exterior spaces. While preferred by many, this actually contradicts having a “friendlier” relationship with nature. There’s no need to only go with rigid, architectural plans if you really want a modern-looking garden. To have that playful, lively, and warm atmosphere, let your plants grow in a loose manner so that they’ll look more alive.

Incorporate geometry in your overall design

Simple geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles are excellent starting points for that modern landscape design. Other than giving that clean-lined aesthetics, using these shapes as patterns allows you to define certain areas in your garden and add some character. For example, you can create a stone path following a straight line that leads to a carefully designed outdoor sitting area in a squared boxwood enclosure. If you have a pool, use circular stepping stones to define and emphasize the area.

Never neglect layout and lighting

home garden landscape design

A well-designed contemporary landscape should serve as an extension of your home. To go with your busy, modern everyday schedules, you need an ambience at night that looks just as good and relaxing even during the day. Experts do not recommend going for cool-toned lighting, as this can give your area that eerie, off-putting source of light. Early LED versions had that extremely blue shade, but now, they have that much warmer glow that’s definitely more appealing.

While a modern garden may have a number of important elements to get that contemporary appeal, it isn’t that difficult to create a landscape that shows your design preferences. Give your home exterior the same amount of effort you gave your interiors. Use lots of geometry, plant your greens the natural way, and insert a few stone paths and borders here and there. If you want to go the extra mile, add a little bit of zen for maximum relaxation after a long day at work or if you just want to hang out with friends and family in your garden.


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