How to Help a Senior Loved One Gain Back Their Confidence


Many American seniors would rather live in their own homes than stay in a nursing care facility. However, due to old age or illness, there are limitations to what they can do. As a result, their confidence falls which may lead to them being isolated and lonely. Here are some ways to help your elderly loved one to gain back their self-esteem:

Talk to Them About Getting Help

Your aging relative has to recognize that there are just some things that they are no longer capable of. In fact, doing regular household tasks may put them in danger.

Hiring personal caregiver services will reduce the number of chores they have to do. A trained personnel will come to their home regularly for housekeeping, food preparation, shop for basic needs, and other tasks. If necessary, carers can assist a senior as they take a bath/clean themselves, get dressed, and overall maintain hygiene. Being presentable can help a senior gain back their confidence.

Address Health Issues

A medical condition may be preventing your senior loved ones from living their life to the fullest. One issue that may bring down the self-esteem of an older adult is incontinence. The inability to control their bladder and bowel movement may stop them from wanting to go outside or receive visitors.

Talk to their doctors and ask about what you can do to prevent any embarrassing incidents. There are medications and tools that you can use to solve the issue.

You may also want to get your loved one checked for undiagnosed problems with hearing or vision. Difficulty in hearing makes it difficult for them to communicate with others. It can easily be remedied by wearing hearing aids. Vision, on the other hand, may be limiting a senior’s movement. Glasses that are better fitted to their needs can allow them to move without anxiety and fear.

These issues, once treated or better managed, can help an elderly become more sociable and outgoing.

Give Plenty of Compliments

Negative comments about their weight, hair, skin, and appearance can bring a person’s confidence down. Instead, give them lots of compliments. Encourage them to have a positive body image and embrace aging naturally.

Most importantly, show affection. Give them hugs and kisses regularly, hold their hands, etc.

Physical contact has been proven to improve a person’s overall well-being.

Give Them Something to Care For

senior citizen

Is your senior loved one feeling lonely? Give them a companion. Taking care of a dog or a cat can relieve feelings of isolation and give them a sense of purpose. Every day, they have to get up and feed their furry baby, take it out for walks and play, etc.

A pet also forces an elderly to be physically active and get ample exposure to the sun. Moreover, having a pet is a conversation starter. Older adults get the opportunity to socialize with other pet owners or animal-loving passers-by. However, you need to choose the pet that has the same energy level as your aging family member. A playful golden retriever may only cause your loved one to get injured.

A person’s mental health is as important as physical well-being. When a senior does not feel confident, they become unhappy and isolate themselves from friends and family. You can build their self-esteem by helping them live independently, addressing health concerns, encourage a positive body image, giving them a companion, and spending time with them.


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