Here’s Why You Should be Wearing Safety Shoes on Site

worker wearing safety shoes

As a construction site worker, you are most probably aware that foot injuries are common on-site. However, this can definitely be avoided by wearing the right type of gear, most especially safety shoes or boots. Below, we will give you a few reasons as to why you should really consider getting a pair of safety shoes and boots from an on-site shoe truck so you can start wearing them at work.

Protection from Falling Objects

You never know when an object can come falling down from the buildings, which is why it is important to always wear your safety gear such as your helmet, vest, and of course, safety shoes at all times. Remember that you are working in a dynamic environment where machines and vehicles are operating at all times, which means that flying and falling objects are the most common typed of hazard. Steel toe boots can protect your feet from these things, so make sure to wear them at all times.

Keeps You Safe from Cutting Hazards

Your workplace can be full of hazardous materials that you can step on: nails, shrapnel, and even sharp machinery such as the chainsaw. Wearing regular shoes won’t save you from disaster, as these things can easily go through normal shoes and puncture your feet in just a matter of seconds. Make sure to wear heavy-duty logging boots so your feet would be completely protected from these hazards when on-site.

worker climbing on a steel beam

Prevents You from Getting Electrocuted

As mentioned, your workplace is full of heavy-duty machinery and equipment that are most likely operating at all times. These carry a whole lot of voltage and electricity, and if you accidentally step on one with loose wiring, then you run the chance of getting electrocuted. To avoid this, you should wear non-conductive footwear that’s made of leather, rubber, or any other type of material that do not conduct electricity. This greatly reduces your risk of getting electrocuted when at work. Additionally, a pair of good boots will also prevent you from getting burns on your feet, which can also be quite common in construction sites.

Saves You from Trips and Falls

Falling and tripping over can be quite common in any type of workplace, but it is most definitely a huge hazard in construction sites. To avoid this, though, most companies tend to install anti-slip floor tapes to reduce the risk of slipping and falling accidents. Additionally, you can wear the proper type of footwear to avoid slipping and falling all over the place. These types of accidents can be dangerous, too, as if you fall badly, it can affect your legs, knees, and even your spine.

Your workplace will most definitely ask you to wear the proper type of shoes to avoid these accidents, and you should always abide by their rules to make sure that you will be safe at all times when at work. Wear your complete safety gear and avoid going to the hospital anytime soon!


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