Finding a Common Hobby with Your Partner


Strengthening a relationship takes time. It takes sacrifice and a lot of compromises. But sometimes, it takes sharing one common hobby to make a relationship more durable. Couples who spend time doing something they both love are more able to fight through challenges. Studies say that developing common interests is key to decreasing conflict in marriages. It also strengthens the belief that you are a team.

Whether it’s watching a documentary or going on halibut fishing trips in Alaska, you must find something you both enjoy. Couples who do develop their friendships. They can better weather problems that are present in any kind of relationship.

Doing Their Own Thing

It is a common theme in any marriage for the husband to do his thing and the wife hers. Men want to hang out with their buddies and play poker. Women like to hang out at a spa. Many couples survive doing their individual things. They think that this is healthy for the relationship. Yes, it is. Married couples need alone time, too. They need to be by themselves or with their friends. They need to spend time away from their homes, where the kids ask what’s for dinner and the TV’s too loud.

Still, marriage counselors believe that couples miss out on the opportunity to connect when they do their own thing. Sharing hobbies and interests is important for any relationship. It allows you to see each other in a different light. It strengthens the idea that you are a team; and as with any team, you have to face the problems together. A common interest will deepen your connection, intimacy, and friendship.

Making an Effort

When was the last time you saw your spouse as a friend? When was the last time you spent time together as a couple? When was the last time you talked about your passions, and not about what bill had to be paid? You need to make an effort to spend time together. You need to ask questions about their interests and hobbies. Listen to your husband talk about basketball even if you’re tired from working all day. Listen to your wife talk about a new hair treatment that she wants because that’s what good spouses do.

Experimenting with New Things

Couples fall into mindless routines. They wake up, have breakfast, and go to work. During dinnertime, they talk about work and the kids. You need to plan a date night. You need to make an effort to experiment with new things and experiences. It can be as simple as trying out a new restaurant. You can also try hiking or other physical activities if you’re into that.

Joining a Club

Have you always wanted to go ballroom dancing but never have had the courage? Maybe this is the best time to do it. Invite your partner to join you in joining a dance club. It will be fun to learn something new together. You can enjoy learning more when you’re having fun.

These days, couples tend to spend so much time apart because of work and different interests. You need to make an effort to enjoy your time together. While you need time alone with yourself and your own set of friends, setting time exclusively for your spouse will benefit your relationship.


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