Girl Talk: 3 Things That Make Your Boobs Bigger

woman measuring her chest

It’s hard not to notice boobs. They stare right at you when you look in the mirror while getting ready for a bath. They also stick out, specifically the nipples, as cold air brushes your skin when you get naked. It’s like your lady lumps are begging to be seen, you know? Nonetheless, since you always check them out, you know when there are changes in them. On many occasions, you most likely found yourself wondering whether they’ve gotten bigger. You’re not imagining things, sister. They indeed change in size. These are the things that make your boobs bigger than they normally are:

You’re approaching that time of the month

During the menstrual cycle, particularly after ovulation, there’s an uptick in progesterone and estrogen. These hormones play a huge role in boob size. Progesterone, for one, makes the connective tissue, called stroma, swell. Estrogen, on the other hand, expands the size of the ducts that produce milk for moms. Hence, before you get your period, you may need to wear a cup or two bigger than your usual bra to support your growing lumps, especially because the boobs can get a little painful and heavy. You may have to use a sports bra during the night to make sleeping more comfortable. If it gets too sore, though, consult your doctor for medications. Once your period actually starts, your boobs will return to their normal size.

You have gained—or lost—weight

woman gaining weightYour boobs are composed of breast and fat tissue. When you add a bit of pounds to your body, your breasts increase in size. The opposite is true also, though: when you shed those pounds, the boobs will shrink. They may even look droopy. Now, how big—or how small—your breasts can get depends on the breast composition. Some ladies have denser breasts, meaning that they have more breast tissue and less fat tissue. If you’re in this group, you will notice little difference in size when you gain or lose weight, as opposed to women who have greater proportion of fatty tissue. If you’re worried that your diet regimen and workout routines will shrink your boobs, consider getting cosmetic surgery that doctors in Utah can provide.

You’re having sexy time

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of your breasts during sex, you’d know that they’re as excited as you. Sexual intercourse causes the heart rate and the blood pressure to go up, so the breasts inflate, the areola expands, and the nipples get erect. You’d even notice a pink rash underneath the breast—proof of the hormones rushing through the body and the blood vessels being stimulated. But of course, when you’re already in action and in the zone, it’s impossible to take note of these changes. Why would you, anyway? No time for that. As long as the lady bits are looking great up there, all is well. But just so you know, your breasts will return to their usual business when all the loving is over. Don’t expect to be a cup bigger when you wake up the next day.

Again, you’re not imagining things—your lady lumps indeed grow in size. If you want to keep them full, big, and perky, though, then there’s only one thing to do: consult a doctor about it.


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