Gap Year: Why You Should Take a Break After High School

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Most people aim to head straight to university after they have finished high school. The prevailing notion is that they have no chances of getting into a good career later on if they fail to get into tertiary education as soon as possible. If students need any soul searching, they are expected to do it within their stay in university.

However, nowadays, more people realize the value of taking a break. Doing so has become a necessity for some to see a better future for themselves. The following are a few advantages that one can gain from a gap year.

Learn and Earn

Since most people go straight from high school to college and focus on their studies, by the time they finish, they find themselves out of touch with how real life is. Taking a gap year helps students get back in touch with reality. They can learn life and work skills that they can use when they get back into academia. They’ll learn what it’s like to live independently as an adult. For example, with gap year programs in Thailand, you can earn money along with gaining experience.

Take a Break from Burnout

From the moment you first started school, you have done different kinds of school work such as papers, projects, and presentations. You might not admit it, but doing schoolwork might be taking a toll on your mind and body. It is no wonder that some people end up burning themselves out when they get to university, where the requirements are taken up a notch. Going through a gap year lets your brain renew itself, getting you ready to face the challenges ahead.

Realign Yourself

Often, we go straight into university without a solid idea of what we want to do or become. Sure, there are a few motivated individuals, but for the most part, we do our “finding out” while in college. That leads to regrets when it comes to choosing a course, sometimes wasting money and time because you decide to go another route. A gap year can become a time for you to think about it deeply and figure out what you’re meant to do in your life.

Get Better Grades

get good grades

It’s believed that when you take a long break from studying, it will get harder to get good grades once you get back into it. However, a gap year is a break for your brain. It is time for you to get yourself together before taking on another long period of doing classwork. When you engage in study after that break, you will find that you’re motivated when most of the others are starting to experience burnout. You’ll be able to focus better with a fresh mind and a solid reason for being in school.

Taking a gap year might seem like you’ve lost, but it’s a strategic pause for you to gain momentum. Don’t be ashamed if you think that you should take a break. What’s important is that you can get back stronger than you were before.


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