Four Engagement Period Survival Tools


Nothing could be as mindblowing as the day you got engaged. Indeed, it’s surreal! That moment he goes down on one knee and brings out the ring is simply out of this world. For many women, that’s one moment they so look forward to in their relationship. And when it eventually happens, it feels all like a dream. Guess you kept pinching yourself for days just to confirm you’re not dreaming when you got engaged.

The thing is even when it comes with all the excitement but on the other end, an engagement can be a source of a lot of stress and nerve-wracking issues. For starters, proposals could go horribly wrong. Then, there’s the case of staying engaged for a long time without getting married.

The truth is that many couples are never prepared for the engagement period. The first few days of engagement is the honeymoon phase. Give it just a few more days and weeks, and the issues start crawling out of the woodwork one by one. Remember engagement is just the side dish; the main dish is the wedding. And that can be a lot of pressure.

Luckily, there are spot-on tools for you to survive the engagement in style and prepare for your wedding.


Here’s the thought: communication is key if you want to bring the engagement to the aisle to say your “I do’s”. You have to keep communicating with your partner no matter how busy things get. The truth is during the engagement period, it’s easy to get so distracted by other things. Don’t hesitate to open the lines of communication. It’s vital to the survival of your relationship.

When you deal in the what-ifs and keep things to yourself, you could be seeing the beginning of the end of your engagement. So drop him or her a line. Better yet, schedule weekly Zooms or online get-together. The internet should be your best ally in this matter.

Make sure you talk about issues when they arise (as they sure will). Trashing out problems is very important in every relationship. Let your partner understand how you are currently feeling. Your partner doesn’t have magical powers, so he/she can’t know what’s going on in your mind. Not unless you speak out and voice out your feelings.

As for the wedding plans, let your partner how involved you want them to be. Make decisions together. Remember, the wedding is not just about you. It is also about your partner. So make sure to carry one another along.

Continue Courting

While engaged, never forget to have fun and keep dating. As mentioned earlier, the stress can be a lot, especially when planning a wedding. You have to ensure that you don’t get caught up in all that, and you forget to keep courting.

This is the time to find out more about your partner. Talk about family plans, how many children you want to have, and where you will settle. Have fun while discussing all these. Just get to understand your partner better in this period. And learn more about who they are in this period.

Part of the fun things you can try out is ring shopping. You need a beautiful wedding band, and there are so many stores out there just for that. You can even make things interesting by converting your engagement ring.

For instance, an engagement ring as stunning as a diamond solitaire is worth looking into. The best part is you can fabricate the ring to make it unique and fit your own personality and style. That should make it even more romantic.

At home

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Bear in mind that when you are engaged, a lot will happen. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to call them small insignificant issues. Because in reality, the focus is on you and your partner. Things should never get bad that you focus so much on the small stuff. Always be able to let go of them. Always remember that your main goal is building up your relationship together.

So if your guy wants his best friend to sing at the wedding, let him. It’s better you have a wedding that way than not have one at all. When you have to fight over small details every time, you’re going to end up at war and eventually split. Definitely, not good.

Accept Imperfection

Never make the mistake of thinking that everything will be perfect. There’s nothing wrong with desiring everything to go on smoothly. But then again, things don’t always go as planned. So you have to accept the fact that things might not be as smooth and perfect as anticipated.

One of the main issues during the engagement period is the apprehension of what’s going to happen. This goes a long way in affecting how you feel and act during the engagement period. So as much as you plan for the future, never let the worries get to you too much. Also, don’t project your apprehension to your partner. It makes the relationship unstable.

Even when you get into arguments, make sure it’s healthy. There’s no crime in having different opinions. Talk through things and weigh the options. That’s how you will grow and mature as a couple through this period.


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