Forget the Picture Frame: Creative Ways to Show Your Photographs

Wedding photo album spread and CD box

Memories are fleeting. They are momentary. And the good and happy ones should be recorded and archived as soon as possible. Otherwise, you have great chances of losing them (after all, your own memory can betray you or you may forget). One surefire way to preserve them and let them endure the passage of time is by taking photographs. Taking pictures has been much easier nowadays with the proliferation of powerful cameras. Keeping and sharing them have also been much more advanced with the presence of social media and Cloud technology. You might have already saved some of your fondest memories, but you still want to share them the old-fashioned way.

Putting them in picture frames is one of the easiest ways to do it. But because your memories are special, you want them to be seen in beautiful places. You will need to make your picture holders creative and aesthetically pleasing. This time, you should ditch the regular frames and create your own. It is time to let your imagination run wild. Here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Use tall glass vases

One unorthodox way of showing photographs is by using glass vases. You just have to roll the printed photographs so that they will fit inside the glass vases. When you put them inside, your photos will have angular or circular aesthetics, which makes them more interesting. You can display your photo bases alongside your flowers. This will also make a good modern gift.

Use something to hang them

If you are looking for some rustic charm, you can just hang your photographs. Find a roll of twine and put them on the wall. Punch some holes in your photographs, put strings, and knot them to the line of twine. If you want your photo line to look more nostalgic and charming, you may want to put some fairy lights. That way, you can still see them at night.

Use your room dividers

Your room dividers are not just for dividing your space. They also provide space for your photographs. With that, you may want to put your photographs on your dividers’ surfaces. If you want your photographs to look more artsy, you may want to create a collage. Follow a shape, such as hearts and circles, or you may want to turn your dividers into a full-on scrapbook by incorporating some memento and souvenirs.  

Use canvas

Arts and crafts materials

If you still want to put your photographs in picture holders, you may use canvas boards as your frames. You just have to stick your photographs onto them. Go minimalist by placing black and white photos at the center of the board. You can also go artsy by painting the boarders with shimmer paint.

Preserving photographs is important, and sharing them in a creative way is another consideration to keep in mind. You will want to see your fondest memories, so you might as well see them in creative and beautiful picture holders. This is also one way of showing your family and friends that the memories you have shared with them will always remain special.


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