Five Most Effective Ways to Remove or Hide Your Belly Fat

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People are always self-conscious of their belly areas. The fat there can show up in unexpected times such as when you are presenting before the company board or when you’re on a date. Even a few extra pounds will spell the difference between looking confident and not. Fortunately, there are some tips, tricks, techniques, and even medical procedures that can solve this problem.

If you are feeling self-conscious when buying clothes or dressing up for a meeting or date, you are not alone. Plenty of people are in the same position as you. It is not always easy to accept your flaws, physical or otherwise, but there’s also nothing wrong with not wanting to showcase these flaws to everyone else.

Think About Toning It or Going Under the Knife

You can choose between two options if you want to remove your belly fat forever. The first one is to go on a diet and build a routine exercise that will help deal with stubborn belly fat. This will, of course, take time since losing belly fat is usually the hardest one to do, fitness experts said. You have to give yourself between a year to two years to start strengthening your core muscles.

Another option to permanently remove it is to undergo a procedure called tummy tuck surgery. Also called abdominoplasty, it is a surgical procedure that removes the extra fat and skin from the abdomen. It also tightens the muscles in your abdominal wall to give you a flat tummy. You must remember that it is not the same as liposuction since abdominoplasty is a major surgery. You can choose to have a liposuction though abdominoplasty is usually a more effective procedure.

If you do not want to undergo a medical procedure, you can choose instead to follow a series of tips and tricks to hide your belly. Among other things, these tricks include choosing the right fabric, style, color, and size. You might also have to change the style and silhouette of your undergarments.

Choose the Style That You Are Comfortable In

No matter what other people and fashion experts say, the most important thing about choosing clothes is your comfort level. While others look good in a tight-fitting dress, it might not be the same when you are trying to hide your belly. It’s always good to fit the clothes before you buy them. If they don’t look and feel great in the store, what makes you think they will be anything other than that when you take them home? If you are buying online, check the reviews and comfort and fit details.

As a general rule, if you want to hide your belly fat, do not choose spandex clothing and go instead for textured fabrics. You should also choose a style that is a bit loose on the belly area. Try to sit when you fit the clothes so you can see if your belly will bulge.

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Go for Darker Colors

Black, navy blue, and charcoal are the best colors for people who want to hide their belly fat. Dark-colored clothes make you look slimmer because they hide bulges and wrinkles, which are indicators of extra skin or fat. Light colors such as white, beige, and pastel colors highlight the lumps in your clothes thereby, making you look fuller and heavier than you really are.

Change Your Undergarments

The problem with most people is they don’t realize that there is a right undergarment to hide those lumps and bulges. For women, you have to wear a high-waisted undergarment because this adds a layer of protection and control over your belly fat. High-waisted undergarments smooth out the bulges, lumps, and wrinkles. They also hide the dimples that can appear on your behind.

Accessorize Correctly

You can also use accessories to divert attention from your belly fat. For example, tying a sash around the slimmest part of your waist will emphasize that rather than draw attention to your belly fat. In a similar fashion, you can use a scarf around your neck to emphasize your upper body rather than the middle portion of your body.

But at the end of it all, the difference-maker will be how confident you are. People who are confident rarely care about their belly fat. Once you learn to embrace these imperfections, you’ll never have to think twice about what kind of clothes you can and cannot wear. Your choices will come natural to you. Even if you decide to go under the knife in the future, you will be confident with your decision.


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