Designing Home: Why Fill Your Home with Memorable Items

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Homeowners love trying out various decorating techniques to improve their property’s design. It’s a way of boosting their home’s aesthetics and adding beautiful features to make the space cozier. Others simply love decorating their homes because they want to make it into a sanctuary where they can relax and be stressed free. With lots of modern techniques in improving homes, you won’t have any issues looking for a new design inspiration to try at home.

One practical tip that you can try at home is to fill it with memorable items. You can collect and display things that remind you of wonderful moments with all the special people in your life. These include family members, relatives, and friends. You can also collect souvenirs from your travels or a special occasion and place it in one corner of your home. Here are a few tips for designing your home with sentimental items:

  • Display family photos on picture frames—Some of the most important memories are remembered through photographs. If you have printed lots of family photos, you can display them at home instead of just keeping them in a photo album. Place family pictures in customized frames and post them on the wall or place them on desks or side tables.
  • Create a wall art from your travel souvenirs—Design your own wall art using souvenirs that you’ve collected during your travels. These may include maps, postcards, and fridge magnets. You can get lots of inspirations on how to make an art display at home. You can even place these items in one corner and make that area a mini art gallery.
  • Place handmade cards on a string—If you love creating handmade cards or you love keeping ones made by loved ones, you can also include them in your home decorations. You can get ribbon trims and paste it on the cards to add beauty to the cards. Then, place the cards on a string and display them in your bedroom. You can also add aesthetic lighting to create a dreamy or romantic vibe.
  • Build a customized shelf for memorable items—If you know how to build customized shelves, you can easily do this DIY project at home. There are various design inspirations that you can try at home. Consider the types and the sizes of items that you want to place on that shelf. Build one according to how much stuff you want to keep. If you have enough space at home, you can build a few shelves for different parts of your home.

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Some people avoid collecting stuff and displaying them at home because they think that doing that only adds clutter. However, specific ways ensure that your home remains organized despite all the sentimental displays. The suggestions mentioned above can help you start decorating your home. If you fill up your property with all the sentimental stuff, you will always be reminded of the beautiful moments you’ve experienced through the years. Doing so also helps your family feel more connected because of the constant reminders of good times together. Aside from this, you get to save money because you won’t need to purchase additional décor or creative displays from the market. You just need to repurpose or look for creative ways to display sentimental items that keep a lot of family memories.


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