Advantages of Installing a New School Playground

toddler playing in the playground

The primary reason we send our kids to school is for them to learn. In the past, learning in school meant focusing on lessons and tests, but recent developments in education and learning have proven that playtime is integral to a child’s growth. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is vital to allow children to play with their mates in school playgrounds so that they can enhance their social skills and improve in many other aspects of life. Playground equipment is an excellent investment for any school, as it facilitates real-life social interaction, which is essential to a child’s formative years.

Read on to learn how installing a new playground can benefit school-going kids. Here are some to name a few:

1.      Enhance Physical Health

Playground equipment can significantly improve the health of children as they play. Instead of sitting around in the playground or classrooms, students will make use of the available equipment. You can get equipment that allows for stretching, climbing, balancing, sliding, and jumping.

Installing leg raises, trim trails and flying fox equipment will enable the kids in your school to grow healthier. It’s important to note that children who spend their day playing outdoors sleep better at night.

2.      Better Safety Standards

The government requires all playground equipment to meet the current safety standards. Hence, safety has to come first in any school playground to minimise liability and injuries. Getting new playground equipment – designed with safety in mind – allows teachers to see all areas of a playground and supervise more effectively, thereby keeping all children safe.

3.      Emotional Benefits

girl swingingPlaygrounds can help kids to overcome trauma, build trust with their peers, enhance their self-esteem, and learn how to deal with various emotions. Events such as the death of a pet can wreck the emotions of a child. The good news, however, is that play offers a way for children to share their feels and cope with their emotions.

4.      Cognitive Play

Cognitive development takes place when kids are running around, swinging, and climbing play structures. Recent studies have shown that swings help children understand perceptual processes and learn more about their bodies.

For example, monkey bars, hanging rings, and other overhead hanging equipment can enable children to learn scientific concepts such as gravitation. Tic-tac-toe panels can improve a child’s perception of depth, size, shape, form, and spatial orientation.

5.      Learning and Exploration

Playground designs and equipment offer more than just physical skill development. Tic-Tac-Toe panels, for example, allow kids to learn as they play. Puppet Panels encourage creative imaginations, which can build a child’s storytelling skills. Tunnels are a perfect spot for children to share their experiences with their friends.

In Conclusion

School playgrounds are an exciting place for students to gather for recreation, but as you can see, they’re more than just a place to play. Each swing, slide, and climber comes with countless benefits that enhance the quality of life for kids. Be sure to contact an expert to install playground equipment.


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