Teaching Kids Good Dental Hygiene

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, tooth decay is the leading dental problem of preschoolers today. Parents know too well that dental hygiene is crucial to a child’s overall health, but why is this still happening?

There’s only one answer: Children don’t want to brush their teeth. To teach and convince your little ones to practice good dental hygiene, here are a few tips:

Start Dental Checkups Early

Take your kid to a pediatric dentist in Herriman for dental checkups instead of a dentist for adults. Pediatric dentists are more equipped at handling children’s cases, and their clinics are better for kids. Your children might even get to enjoy their visit and would want to return in the future.

Start bringing your kids to a pediatric dentist at a very early age so that they can get used to the visits. This will teach them the importance of oral health.

Create a Routine

Creating a dental routine for your kids will teach them that brushing their teeth is part of their daily lives. In the long run, dental hygiene will become second nature to them, and that won’t be a problem for you. Teach your children a dental routine should include brushing in the morning and evening.

Teach Kids the Correct Way of Brushing

Little girl brushing teeth in bath

As soon as your children can stand in front of the bathroom mirror, you can teach them how to brush their teeth – no matter how small their teeth are.

Use small, soft-bristled toothbrushes designed for kids. Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and teach your child not to swallow it. Use toothpaste with cavity-fighting fluoride.

Then, show your kid how brushing is done. The brushing motion should start from the upper front teeth, down to the lower front teeth, back and forth on each side of the mouth, and around in circles. As long as teeth are brushed inside, out, top, and bottom, your kid is good to go.

The Effects of Too Much Sugar

Diet plays a vital role in dental health. Sugar is one of the leading causes of cavities. Tell your kids which foods have the highest amount of sugar in them. Teach your children how too much sugar can affect their teeth. If possible, use visuals to help them understand.

You can also encourage your kids to drink more water to wash off sugar from their teeth. Here in the USA, tap water has fluoride, so it has added benefits to the oral health of your children.

Make Dental Health Exciting

Let your kids pick their toothbrushes. Bring their favorite toys when you visit the dentist. Choose flavored toothpaste that your kids will love. Do anything that will help kids get excited about dental hygiene.

It’s important to supervise kids when they brush their teeth. But it’s more important to become a model for them. Show them that you are good at keeping your teeth clean and that you brush your teeth regularly. You can also brush your teeth together. This can encourage children more.


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