Pointers for Designing Open Spaces

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Designing open spaces can be executed in countless ways. Whether you need sports facilities or crematorium design plans developed, they can all be done uniquely for your city. But there are seven things to remember to create an efficient public space for your community:

1. Simplicity is Key

Designs should always welcome change. Adaptable design is essential so that improvements can be made in the future. Funds would eventually increase, which allows more enhancements. If you keep things simple, it would be easier to add more to the design. Understand that developments, especially in public spaces, should accommodate the existing environment.

2. Plan for People

Building a place is crucial in what you get in a public space. So if you plan for cars, you get more traffic. But if you plan for people, you have more people in these spaces. The increase of privately-owned automobiles in a city does not always mean a good thing. So if you want a community that’s happy with their public spaces, then plan for people and not for cars.

3. Parks Are Essential

The best cities around the world have great multi-use public parks. They offer a wide array of activities for people and opportunities to develop a community. Whether it includes playgrounds or open sports areas, parks bring people together. Decide what you want to develop in it, and all kinds of people will undoubtedly be attracted to your city.

4. Understand User Experience

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User experience is often used in developing websites and applications these days, but it also applies to designing physical spaces. Know how people walk or interact with pathways and places in general. Take note of the elderly and persons with disabilities so that your spaces are inclusive. It’s also crucial to understand that people often look for shortcuts to get to one place, so make sure that you plan for alternative paths for them.

5. Develop Spaces for Health Purposes

A city needs to be healthy. Developing spaces that give citizens access to clean water and a functioning sewage system goes a long way. Besides these, it’s also helpful to provide spaces for fruit and vegetable vendors. Along with these, open-space gyms are useful for those who wish to be fit and active to keep up with the hustle and bustle of city life.

6. Bring Out Character

Every city is unique, which is why it’s so important to bring out its character. And the best way to do this is through good design. Develop streets and landmarks with the right material, and enhance sceneries that are unique to specific locations. The facade of the environment doesn’t just make the place look good but creates a sense of belonging as well for the community. Along with this, encourage local artists to engage with the space to add a different flavor to the area.

7. Always Get the Community Involved

As mentioned above, artists can make a difference in open-space planning. But anyone, for that matter, can add more to a city’s development. The purpose is to get collective ideas so that your public spaces are genuinely for the public. Citizens will feel a sense of ownership in your cities and truly call it their home.


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