How Athletes Can Reduce or Prevent Heel Pain


All athletes know the feeling of experiencing pain the morning after a game. When you wake up, you might feel soreness on your heel, which is a common injury. You might disregard the feeling at first, but it can have severe consequences if left untreated. Plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and Achilles tendonitis are only some of the scary concerns you might suffer if you ignore the heel pain. You need to consider treatment options to help you prevent a significant injury that can be devastating for your playing career. Here are a few ways to reduce or deter heel damage:

Proper Stretching Routine

Athletes need to stretch before games and training. Players often focus on their arms, legs, and core when preparing for physical activity. However, they often forget to exercise their feet. Ankle rotations and heel-toe stretches can help you prevent injuries from sudden blows. Your weight also plays an integral part in keeping your heel healthy. If you feel heavier than usual, you need to find a way to lose weight.

Play in the Right Shoes


Athletes will tell you their shoe size in a heartbeat. However, some of them might not realize that they already outgrew their playing shoes. The reluctance to switch sizes might be consequential for the player, especially when he or she is playing a sport that requires running and jumping. The same goes if you are wearing a footgear bigger than your size. If your shoes do not fit properly, you might notice that you have heel pain the following morning. You need to continually check the growth of your foot if you want to avoid experiencing pain. You will be able to increase productivity and efficiency if you are wearing a comfortable footgear while playing.

Avoid Overexertion

Grinding is always part of playing a sport. However, running and jumping too much can take its toll on your body. If you are the type of athlete that does not rest until the final whistle blows, you should consider making small changes. Overexerting effort will make you stand out in a game, but it can cause severe damage to your overall health. You might accumulate stress fractures when you exhaust yourself, which will lead to heel pain. You need to consider load management or take breaks in-between plays. If you are playing basketball, you should ask your coach to limit your minutes if you are experiencing pain on your foot.

Seek Physiotherapy Treatment

Injuries are a part of playing sport. Players and coaching staff are aware of the common injuries, which is why they are always making preparations for possible treatment. If you are suffering from disturbing heel pain, the feeling will not go away immediately. You should consider getting a physiotherapist if you have a nagging injury. A physio will help you with diagnosis and provide heel pain treatment options. If the injury forces you to take a few games off, you need to consult with your doctor to help you recover faster and better than your pre-injury condition.

Injuries are part of the game, but so is prevention. If you do not seek proper treatment after sustaining damage, you will likely have a shorter career than those who lean on the safe side. Heel pain tends to worsen over time, which means that you should act immediately to avoid further damage.


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