Getting Emergency Medical Care While You’re Traveling Abroad

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You’ll be surprised to know that not many travelers purchase travel health insurance when they vacation abroad. At most, they get insured for things such as delayed flights. They rarely care about being insured health-wise. That makes sense, of course, considering that most trips will last for only a couple of weeks. What will happen in those two weeks anyway? We are pretty sure that we won’t suffer a stroke or a debilitating illness when we’re abroad. We’re having too much fun anyway.

But, hey, things can happen, can’t they? You can be in Nusa Dua one minute and the next thing you know, you’re in one of the hospitals in Bali because of a jellyfish sting. You’ll never really know when you might need medical care even if you intend to stay in the country for only a couple of days. That’s why you need travel health insurance.

Things to Consider When Getting Travel Health Insurance

In some cases, your local life or health insurance will offer to reimburse a portion of physician fees and hospital bills incurred abroad. But rarely will an insurance offer to cover the full amount of the bill. Even the government’s health coverage doesn’t go as far as reimburse you for the amount of your hospital stay.

Moreover, not all insurance policies will pay for medical evacuation back to your country or nearby countries with a better health care system. If you plan to purchase travel health insurance, this is one of the considerations. You wouldn’t want your families to have to deal with evacuating you from wherever you may be, would you?

Does Your Insurance Already Cover Travel Abroad?

Check whether your insurance doesn’t cover health care needs abroad. Although it doesn’t usually happen, there are rare times when an insurance company does reimburse you for the medical expenses you have incurred while traveling. If you have such comprehensive insurance, it means that you won’t have to pay for another one.

Do You Need Travel Health Insurance?

injured man talking to insurance agentHow long are you staying in the country? Who will be paying or sponsoring your travel? You might not need the insurance if you’re going to stay for only a couple of days. If your company is sending you, then demand that they assure you that you’ll get medical aid if you need it. Why would you spend on insurance if your company sends you there in the first place?

Do You Know the Process of Claiming Insurance in a Foreign Country?

Before you leave, ask your insurance agents how you can contact them if something happens to you while traveling. Ask them about the process of claiming benefits and reimbursing expenses. You should know the procedure for submitting claims for international health expenses. You need to be assured that you can get the help you need without emptying your savings.

Hopefully, you wouldn’t fall so ill during your travel that you need a trip to the emergency room. Seeking medical help while in a foreign land is exhausting and intimidating. Not to mention, the mere thought of your financial liabilities will cause you to panic.


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