How to Become a Standout Vlogger on YouTube

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Streaming site YouTube has been one of the most popular platforms of its kind. If you asked anyone about it, they’d know what YouTube is. According to a study, 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube. This is why aside from users, people are also going crazy creating content for the platform. Thus, the existence of content creators we call vloggers.

It’s no secret that the most popular vloggers on the site can earn a lot. This is why there are people who aspire to be like them. Some succeed and some don’t. That’s the downside of vlogging. It’s very unpredictable. But if you know how to stand out from the rest, you’d surely have an edge among others.

So what are the ways to make sure you stand out as a vlogger? It’s not going to be easy as you might think. But if you know the basic ways to get noticed online, you’d surely get the views you’ve been aiming for. Here are some tips you can follow:

Choose a Niche

If you’re an aspiring vlogger, you surely do have your favorite YouTubers. You should notice something common about them, their subject matter. Most successful YouTubers create content that follows a specific niche. So if you want to stand out from the rest, you should pick a niche you think people would be interested to watch. But that’s just the first factor to consider. You should also focus on a niche suitable for your target audiences. You must be focused on one or several demographics. That’s because you’ll have to tailor-fit your content for these people. It’s not one-size-fits-all.

Another thing to consider is choosing a niche that you love the most. It could be something you’re very passionate about. Perhaps, a unique hobby that you’ve been doing since you were a child. Or maybe a topic you’re an expert on because you studied it. It’s important to choose a niche that’s close to your heart too. Otherwise, you won’t be interested in your own content.

Create a Remarkable Introduction

If you’re going to introduce yourself to the world, you want to make sure that you leave a mark. There are several ways to do this. You can produce meme-worthy content. Something you think can get easily viral. That for sure can gain immediate traction to viewers. Or work with a video production company that can create stunning content as your introduction. This way, you can properly showcase yourself and make people know you in a way you want them to know you.

You can insert elements that you want people to associate you with. It can be your fashion, your unconventional sense of humor, or anything that people should know you for.

Stick to an Aesthetic

The vibe of your vlog should depend on the niche you want your vlog should be about. Say you’re into sports. Your aesthetics should be leaning towards being action-packed. The scenes should be fast-paced and motion-filled. If you want to vlog about your daily living, you can choose a peaceful aesthetic.

The shots should have cool color grading that can give this relaxing feeling to the viewers. The gloomy vibe can make people feel cozy while watching your vlogs. Just remember to stick to an aesthetic because once the people loved your style, that’s something they would identify you with.

Watch Out For What’s Trending

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You should always be in the loop when it comes to what’s trending online. Your next vlog could be about a hot topic people are talking about on Twitter. For example, a pasta recipe becomes viral online. You can try to recreate the recipe but add your touch to it. Be reminded that following the trends isn’t just for the sake of doing it.

This is important for you to market your channel and get more views for your content. You have to play with the algorithm and search engine optimization. So if ever people would search for that trending pasta recipe, your video would come up on search engines as one of the results. That’s how you would stand out in terms of your online presence.

Incorporate Elements That’s Exclusively Yours

If there’s something that could make you stand out, that’s by being yourself. Creating vlogs can be your moment to make people see who you are. So whatever content you’re focusing on, make sure to integrate your brand into it. People usually like it when they see something they know they wouldn’t be able to see from others. Your quirks, your weird laugh, your big cat, all these can make you distinguishable from others. Include them in your vlogs so people would know you for something unique.

Standing out from hundreds of thousands of vloggers may be challenging for many. But if you’re aspiring to be a vlogger, you just have to keep on going until your voice is heard. Don’t stop until your content gets the attention it deserves.


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