Top 5 Favorites Spots in Door City for Tourists

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If there’s a spectacular area in the U.S. that you should never miss visiting, it’s the Door County, Wisconsin. Be sure to book your bed and breakfast accommodation early to ensure an unforgettable and successful journey.

Now, to save time researching, this guide will highlight the five most recommended itineraries in Door City.

1. The Sturgeon Bay

As a remarkable capital of the Great Lakes, Door County is the biggest metropolitan in Wisconsin. There are a lot of wonderful things that you can do here. Increasing numbers of travelers testify that they are having a good thing in bass fishing, boating, going to great restaurants, shopping, and more. To give you a tip, here are the two famous spots most tourists recommend in the city:

  • Door County Maritime Museum: You will get interesting information about Sturgeon Bay’s rich history when you head to the Door County Maritime Museum. You also get the chance to learn how to build boats made of wood. Museum enthusiasts like you will marvel with outstanding exhibits in the place.
  • Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal: Have you heard about the “Fred A. Busse” fireboat? It’s a family-friendly cruise that offers games and rewards. You and your family will really have a great time in 1.5 hours of sail. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or sunset, the scenery will make you feel good. If you want to shoot a fire hose, this is the right boat to get onboard.

2. Peninsula State Park

Between Ephraim and Fish Creek, you can find a park that is best for swimming, boating, and fishing. In fact, it’s the most-visited camping spot in Wisconsin. You and your friends will never be fed up here because a lot of people visit the place for golfing, biking, and even skiing. Don’t forget to go to Eagle Bluff Lighthouse when you get to the park and you will be amazed.

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3. Cave Point County Park

Sea waves can carve limestone cliffs. To see them in person, you can go to Cave Point County Park. If you haven’t been to an underwater cave, now is your chance. You will enjoy snorkeling. Cliff diving here is safe. Even kids can experience the fun.

4. Cana Island Lighthouse

The northeast of Bailey’s Harbor is well worth a visit. Why? It’s the place where you’ll find the 150-year-old lighthouse. That’s what makes the place one of the oldest attractions to discover.

When you head on to the top, you’ll be astounded with picture-perfect scenery. If you’re so inclined to Instagram, don’t miss taking a photograph of the lighthouse as it will take your breath away. The snapshot will be appreciated by many.

5. Ellison Bay

If you haven’t tasted a one-of-a-kind cherry pie, you can find it near Ellison Bay. The area also showcases exquisite art galleries that will marvel you if you are fond of going to museums. The busiest period is between May and October. Don’t miss out trying the fish boil. It’s a must-taste treat for your family while seeing the exquisite sceneries across the bay.

Giving yourself enough time to plan your trip is important. Find the best agency that can provide you with all the conveniences that you need.


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