The Foodies’ Guide to International Travel

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Over the past decade, the global culinary scene has evolved from being a backgrounder in the world of travel to become the main attraction. Who would not be willing to travel across the world for sumptuous feasts you cannot have anywhere else, anyway? However, tracking down the best flavours is difficult in unknown territory.

Let this guide help you make the most of your culinary experience anywhere in the world.

Research local specialties

Before you visit any city, look up the food that the area is known for. Searching online for the top restaurants in an area pulls up tourist traps that have probably paid for a spot in the list. Instead, check out a local food blog or the food section in the city newspaper to get a sense of the tried-and-tested or new and exciting dishes.

Focus on learning more about the dish instead of any specific restaurant name. Multiple restaurants tend to offer the same popular dish, so you can broaden your options if the other restaurants are packed when you come by.

Keep yourself updated with local foodie blogs and restaurant pages, and download local foodie apps. This way, you can stay updated with the latest local food trends, newly opened restaurants, restaurant deals and menu changes.

Eat at the market

Markets are at the core of the foodie scene in any town or city. Eating at the local market guarantees that the food is cooked with fresh ingredients, and allows you to learn about the local produce and the farmers who grow them.

While scheduling your trip, allot a few hours of one afternoon to visit these markets. If you are visiting a coastal city, swing by the fish market to see and taste for yourself the seafood pulled fresh out of the nearby seas. When you are travelling in summer, buy bits and pieces from the market, such as fruits, bread and cheese, and go for a picnic.

Scour the streets

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Street food is one of the greatest joys for any foodie, especially when visiting Asian cities. Asian streets are brimming with street food that is extremely cheap and utterly flavorful. Almost every city in the world has a street food scene going for it, as well, such as the hot dogs in New York City and the bratwurst in Berlin.

During your trip, walk through the city streets and spend time sampling the best street food in town. Some cities have different offerings based on the time of day, so you have to be vigilant. Keep your ear to the ground for festivals where other street food selections and food trucks will be parked up, as well.

Join a cooking class

Sampling food on a distant soil is one thing, but it is an entirely new experience to cook it and bring the knowledge home with you. Take a cooking class in a foreign city to learn more about the most famous dishes in the area.

It also lets you get in touch with an expert on local cuisine. During the class, ask the chef questions about the dish you are learning to prepare and local food in general. They may even provide recommendations for cafés and restaurants you would not find otherwise.

With the global boom of culinary tourism and how easy it is to connect with people from other countries, now is a great time to be a travelling foodie. Crossing great distances for food may sound bizarre to some, but it is a brilliant way to get a taste and digest the essence of cultures that are entirely different from ours.


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