5 Compelling Reasons to Use Video Marketing for Your Business in 2019

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Video marketing involves using videos alongside your marketing campaigns to promote your brand or product. The advancement of the internet has made it possible for consumers to shop online creating the need for businesses to update their online presence. In a bid to improve web presence, companies are integrating the use of videos to engage their customers. You might be wondering if video marketing is worth your time and resources. Well, here are compelling reasons why you should consider hiring the services of corporate video production in Manchester.

1.    Video marketing has a broader reach and higher engagement

By using videos, you get access to large traffic sources such as YouTube, Vimeo and Daily motion covering a larger audience at a low cost. Again, exciting videos prompt the viewers to share them on social media and through email as opposed to related blog posts and links. By engaging viewers and keeping them interested, videos can convert prospects into customers over time.

2.    Videos enhance credibility

Trust is the foundation of content marketing. When a customer trusts your brand, there is a higher chance they will buy from you. When you show your product on a video, it shows that you have confidence that the item is of a high standard. Generally, when you provide quality, informative videos, customers will come looking for you so you do not have to look for them.

3.    Videos offer visual explanations.

woman in front of a video cameraThe human brain will retain more visual information than written details. Therefore, customers will remember more from your videos than your blog posts. This is because written text can be tiring to read than videos which are entertaining. How-to videos are especially useful when you are launching a new product. A customer will buy a product they know how to use since they are confident they know what to do.

4.    Increase customer conversions and boost sales

Recent studies have shown that 80% of customers end up purchasing a product after watching an explainer video showing it in use. This comes in handy to curb the challenges of online shopping. In most cases, customers may not understand fully what to expect from a product which in turn discourages them from buying. However, when they watch the product in use, they know the product which leads to a satisfied purchase.

5.    Videos will give you an SEO boost

Chances are, there are similar businesses in your niche leaving you in competition for top search engine results ranking. As a result, Google prioritises companies that use videos since they stand out from the rest that do not use videos. Additionally, videos increase the retention time on your website. When a prospect watches a video, they spend more time on your site which improves your SEO rankings.  Ultimately, by retaining them for longer, you have a chance to convert them into buyers.

If you are planning to scale your business and stand out from other companies in the online competitive world, then it is time to try your hand at the affordable video marketing strategy. Integrate videos in your overall marketing strategy to improve your business.


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